Monday, January 25, 2010

"...I got a couple dents in my fender, Got a couple rips in my jeans...Perfection is my enemy"

I have a few minutes before the business of my day begins. So I thought I would blog about my GREAT weekend.

I believe this has been the best weekend of my Senior year. It began with my grabbing some Starbucks coffee and heading north toward home Thursday afternoon. From Thursday evening until Sat evening, I spent time with my Wonderful family--gotta love them>> Pancakes for supper, laying around the house, trip to Wally World, and of course McDonalds so my little brother Seth could get a Chipmunks' toy. :)

Saturday night I drove home. See blog below for that adventure down the "Road Less Traveled".

Sunday morning I worked at the church nursery as usual. But Sunday afternoon is when things went from "normal Sunday routine" to "hey today feels like spring. Let's spend ALL day in it" kinda day. We went to the Trestles which are beautifully scary. We then proceeded to our dorm courtyard where we spent probably three hours just playing around outside. Once the thrill of chillin' in the courtyard wore off, we headed to the school "lake". It is really a pond that the school named Jones Lake-- go figure. Next came attempts to fly with umbrellas and picking flowers>> the flowers are a little confused considering it's still January. Next came church and seeing our wonderfully and beautifully round pregnant friend. She was gorgeous.

Okay, now comes the wonderful but slightly scary part of my awesome weekend. Me and Courtney swung by Taco Bell after church to pick up some burritos for our excursion to the river. Well, the burritos didn't make it to the river....Anywho, we met up with Jaimie and her friend Blake for our river adventure. Here is a synopsis of our river trip: driving in a car that was not made for river trips, talking to our friend Wayne who was unhappy about our random trip to the river in flood weather, finally parking poor Dorothy *Courtney's car* and jumping into the bed of Blake's truck, driving down a long dark road that was remeniscent of ALL scary movies *Yes, we are still in the bed of the truck*, fear of alligators at the river and a failure to acutally start a fire b/c of that "flood" weather, Blake hiding in the woods making sounds that were suppose to sound like racoons *it sound more like dinosaurs*, finally making our way to the trestles again> this time in the dark, and ending our night with a LONG SCARY walk back through the woods alone with Courtney b/c we were the only ones ready to leave. As scary as the walk back was * I promise you it WAS scary*, it brought back spiritual truths for Courtney and I that we separately learned in other countries-- her in Africa and me in Nicaragua.

All in all a GREAT weekend.

In His Name,


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Courtney said...

I just spent the past five minutes laughing my head off as you recounted that in oh-so true ways! Preliminary fact: we are crazy. Follow-up fact: I love every moment of it. If this is insanity, keep me always from being sane!