Monday, February 13, 2012

(in)RL- A Reminder

Remember that little post I wrote here about a little conference I'll be hosting? This (in)RL conference:

Pretty awesome, right?


(In)courage readers meeting face to face with other readers in their area for a conference without the travel and outrageous expenses. Good stuff.

What if you aren't a blogger? Maybe you've never even heard of (in)courage?

1) No worries if you don't blog. Many of (in)courage's readers blog; many do not. C'mon over anyway.

2) Well, I think I just fixed that issue. Click the link above. FYI (in)courage is a Christian blog for women. (in)courage is made up of 30 contributors with countless guest contributors.


Date: April 28, 2012

Location: My house (Go here to sign up to join my meet-up in Milledgeville, Ga)

Register: Visit the (in)RL website to register, and to learn more about the conference. Registering is not necessary to come to the event, but it will allow you to have a t-shirt. The registration fee is $10.

Not in my area?

I would love to meet some of you ladies who I've never met (face to face) before, but I realized some of us are just too far from each other. As sad as that is, I get it. So, let me let you in on a little secret (okay, it's a not-so-secret): There are (in)RL conferences all over! Don't believe me, or just curious? Click here.

You simply register (or don't, if it's not in your budget) as I said above. Then find a meet-up in your area.

Easy-Peasy, right?

Any questions. Just ask away!

In His Name,

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