Friday, April 20, 2012

New Series Announcement

Good morning and happy Friday to you!

A picture from my college years for kicks
I'm excited about today for a couple of reasons. The biggest one being that it's Friday, only the best day of the work week. The next best reason is that Monday I will be starting a new series here on the blog, called Women, Their God, and Their Struggles. I have been wanting to have a couple of guest bloggers on here for a while, but until recently, the right series had not come along. Then God begin to lay this series on my heart, and y'all, I'm thrilled. I believe that God has a plan for this series. The women I have asked to guest post this week are women who have challenged me and encouraged me through their blogs. I was prayerful about who to ask. As you know, there are so many great women I could have chosen. But these particular women are the women I believe God intends to use to speak to you through their struggles.

The title, Women, Their God, and Their Struggle, says exactly what you will read through the posts next week. They are women, with relationships with God, who struggle. Can't we all relate? Okay, maybe not you (one, two, zero) men who read here. But you can relate to struggle and God, right? Well, there ya go. I can't wait. I've obviously read there post already; they are beautiful and straight from the heart of women.

So, please be sure to read next week beginning Monday. You won't regret it.

I also want to say a big, huge, ginormous thank you to the beautiful ladies who are laying their hearts across the pages of this blog just for you and this girl. It's not easy to be genuine and vulnerable with struggles, but the reward is great. Thank you!

Thank you, friends, for reading. It means a lot to this blogger.

In His Name,

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