Wednesday, July 18, 2012

His Strength in the Storm

It's a fairly overcast day, by "fairly" I mean one little dark cloud. But that one little, dark cloud just released a lightening streak that would scare the manliest of men, at least those sane in the head. That act of power, undeniably from God's hand, was the reminder I've needed.

See if you can follow me here.

Think about thunderstorms you have experienced. In those storms, do you remember recognizing the strength behind the thunder and lightening? I've seen grown men run in terror with a loud clap of thunder. Does that make you smile? It does me because even the hardest people come undone by His hand. We can act so tough but with one clap of his hand, thunder if you will, we loose all composer.

Are you following me?

I was thinking about the strength God displays in physical thunderstorms, and it got me thinking about the spiritual storms we walk through. When the rain pours, lightening flashes, and thunder booms in our spiritual lives (some times in our physical lives simultaneously), do we come undone?

We should, not in fear, but in awe of the power on display. Oh, the power on display. A storm is never void of power. Are you getting this with me?

Our storms, as scary, tiring, and painful they may be, are displaying for us the power of God- the sovereignty of our creator. He is always working. Always a step ahead of the "game". He's all-knowing. His power- scary at times, but always for our good.

Today, I have a great view of a storm. You see, that little dark cloud has turned into a full fledge storm now. So you know, His power is center stage for this captive audience.

In His Name,



Frances said...

Jennifer, I just now got around to reading the comments on Bonnie's last post. I live in FL and we have been having regular thunder storms. I had never viewed them in the light of what you wrote; but it hit me right between the eyes as I was diagnosed with breast cancer & will be having biopsy tomorrow. Thanks for your timely message. Frances

Jennifer said...

Frances, it is so good to hear from you. I love how God orchetrates even the most leisurely moments, such as reading blog posts, to speak directly to our circumstances. I'm saying a prayer for you right now!