Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preparing for Landing

Have I pulled you along long enough with my hints of big news? I'm really hoping you won't be disappointed.

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So, here it goes.

We're moving. I am moving from the only town I have ever called home, except for my college years, even then technically this place was home. Twenty-five years of being known and knowing will soon be behind me. This move includes my parents. In fact, we are moving because my dad will be pastoring a new church. That means my parents will no longer be living in my hometown. {I understand for many of you that is no big deal, but for a sentimental, home is home kinda gal, that's a big adjustment}. Want to know the humor in it all? I am 100% ready.

There have been many "what ifs" and "what am I suppose to dos" over the last few months. Remember when I said my family was in a state of limbo? Umm yeah, understatement. For months God had us waiting on the sidelines, so unsure of when that whistle would blow. Now, here we are four days from moving. Standing on the edge of a big adventure. A new church. A new town. A new culture. You see, this town we are moving to is tiny. Seriously, just a post office type of town, where everyone rides golf carts, and there is one little country store. Yep, culture shock. But I'm ready. I can see how God has prepared my heart for this even last year. Things and people have been removed from my life that would have made leaving that much worse. Sure, there are things, and of course, people I will miss. Yet, my heart is ready.

You may be wondering why, at twenty-five, I'm making such a big move with my parents. Maybe you aren't. Most times, I'm pretty sure people do wonder. Well, the circumstances are such that I have very little choice. For that, I'm thankful. There are still "what to do" moments, such as where is God calling me. I know that I will be moving with my family, but has God planned other steps for me and this move is just the first step, or is this new town where God is calling me to serve as well. You what? I don't know. I've prayed and asked God what He has for me, and from those prayers, I believe that this move is all I need to focus on. I'm following God one step at a time. Tomorrow is for Him to know and for me to find out.

I believe God can work big things in our lives every day, if only we are willing to follow Him. His "big" is not always our "big", but when you work for the Kingdom, everything is "big".

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. We are excited and nervous. Thanks for being caring- it means a lot!

Yay, for new adventures. 


Rebecca said...

Girl, that is "big!" It will be hard at first, but isn't that true of everything new? I totally know what you mean about God preparing us for big changes by making goodbye a little easier; I've seen Him do the same thing in my life. He will surely fill those gaps that He creates. Praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Becca! You're right- change is hard, but God is good about "filling those gaps that He creates"! I could not have explained that any better! You know a thing or two about change, huh? Hope things are going super well for you!

Emily said...

Oh, that is big news!! I'm excited for you and with you to see how God will continue to work in and around you! Though I'm sure it won't always be easy, I wholeheartedly agree that God is big enough, good enough, and oh, so faithful to lead each step of the way. Praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Emily! It will be different and hard I'm sure. Like you said, He is enough. I think I handle that :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, this sounds like a huge change!

I am proud of your willingness to go along, just trusting that the Lord is leading and has a plan and purpose for you in this new place.

I'm praying that the Lord uses and blesses you in this new season Jen! Keep us updated on your adventures.