Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hope for Yelena

Do you guys remember, a while back, when I posted about Bethany and Erin? I told you that they had found their Forever Family through the amazing organization Reese's Rainbow. If not, or if you are new here, you can find their story here, here and here. Now that you are all caught up, I have the opportunity to introduce you to another beautiful angle, Yelena. Her picture is below. Gorgeous, right? By clicking on her picture, you can visit her profile on Reese's Rainbow's website.


Yelena's Warrior is a Blogger friend of mine, Rebecca, author of She Becomes. You guys may remember Rebecca from Bethany and Erin's story {she was also their warrior}, or you may more recently remember her from the series Women, Their God, and Their Struggles. Rebecca has such an neat heart for kids with special needs. Over at She Becomes, you can read all of Bethany and Erin's story, as well as follow along with Yelena's journey toward her Forever Family.

Please visit Yelena's profile. Then pray and ask God if their is some way you can help. Yelena's needs first of all prayer- for her little {big} life and for a family. God knows her precious heart's desires and needs. She also needs funds for her adoptions. On her profile you will find a donation button. Be sure to ask God what you can do for this little girl. Also, keep up Yelena at She Becomes. Keeping up with Bethany and Erin's journey was such a rewarding experience for me. From day one you are looking forward and praying forward for when you learn that they have been adopted. Now, I can't wait to get to be a part of Yelena's. 

Before I wrap this post up with a neat little bow, I want to encourage you guys to visit Reese's Rainbow's website. You can find that here. I had never heard of them before, until Rebecca began writing about Bethany. They do really big, cool things. You guys know how I feel about organizations that do "big, cool things". So, check 'em out. 

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Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey once again, and being one of the priveledged to help pray these kiddos into families :)