Monday, January 16, 2012

Review and Giveaway!

I love getting mail. Let me rephrase that. I love to receive "fun" mail- colorful envelopes holding sweet words from an even sweeter friend. Seriously, I get very excited when I get surprise mail. Are you the same way? I think everyone loves getting "fun" mail, if we're being honest.

Since we love receiving mail so much, we should probably share the love. Right?

In an effort to push myself to be more generous in sending cards and to spread some (in)courage love, I entered to review one of Daysprings' greeting card collections.  Now, that was "fun" mail when my box of cards arrived.

I received Holly Gerth's collection. Beautiful. I was captivated by every single card. As I looked through my stack of cards, they became more beautiful and encouraging with each one. Holley says with a single card what I can rarely put into words. My first one is already ready to hit the mail.

If you want to join the card-giving fun, I highly recommend checking at the collections at Dayspring.

I know you are probably wondering when I'm going to get around to that Giveaway you read in the title to this post. I mean, who doesn't love free stuff? So, without further adieu:

What are you winning?

Friends, Dayspring, the sweet folks that they are, have given me a little coupon code for $20 to be used at their online store. You can find your way there from here. You are in no way obligated to buy cards with the $20. This post was simply a review of Dayspring cards. Feel free to use the coupon code on whatever you would like. Be aware that shipping charges apply and your purchase must be a minimum of $20 for the coupon to work.

To enter, leave a comment letting me know one thing God is teaching you in this season, whatever season you find yourself in. You have until Friday the 20th to leave a comment. A winner will be chosen at random. The results will be announced Monday the 23rd.

Happy Winning!

The cards I received, Holley Gerth's Hope and Encouragement collection, I received free of charge for this review. The opinions stated here are my own and are not that of Dayspring. The $20 dollar coupon code was also a free gift from Dayspring to share with you, my lovely readers.

In His Name,

**Pictures above are actual product photos from Dayspring.


Rebecca said...

I love real mail, especially Dayspring cards! Yay for awesome giveaway (sorry I've been absent for the last week and missed this the first time around).

What God has been teaching me in this season of life...that this time I have been calling a "waiting period" is actually more about growing and living than it is about waiting. Waiting is a verb, you know :)

Jennifer said...

YOU won!! Yay :)

I'll be emailing you the details.

I love what God has been teaching you- "Waiting is a verb". How true is that? Good stuff!